Best Ways to Make Money as a US Expat

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Living abroad is an exciting and fulfilling way to live your life, but surviving financially can be a challenge. Finding a traditional job can be difficult and the pay can be very low, especially if you are living in a 3rd world country. Most countries will favor their own citizens for unskilled labor, making it exceedingly difficult to find steady work. However, there are ways you can control your income and set your own rules. Below are the top ways to make money as an US expatriate.

Freelance Writing

Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to find reliable, decent paying writing jobs while living abroad. I would recommend using a service like ELANCE to find work and meet contractors. All transactions are handled through escrow and Elance provides a guarantee that you will get paid for the work rendered.

Tips for Freelance Writing as an Expat

Exporting Goods

Exporting products to the United States is easier than one might think. Websites like have made it possible to market these products to the masses. US based importers, especially small business, are eager to do business with American expats. Essentially, you can serve as a liaison between the producer and the importer and take a commission from the sale.

Tips on Exporting Good as an Expat

Blog Useful Info for Travelers

As an expat, you have a unique perspective of life in a foreign country. You should share this useful information to the world by blogging. Bloggers make money from a variety of sources, such as Google Adsense or as an Amazon Affiliate. If you develop a strong following of your blog you will develop an easy and automatic income.

Tips on Blogging as an Expat

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