How Your Driving Record Affects Insurance Prices

Speeding Tickets with Driving Records

Everything you do has repercussions on your future and that includes the way that you drive.  Your driving record is something that insurance companies look carefully at when they determine your policy price.  This means that if you have traffic violations, accidents, and other issues on your record, then you move into a riskier driving category and will have to pay more for your coverage.  Understanding how your driving record affects insurance prices will allow you to realize the importance of being a more responsible driver and keeping your driving record as clean as possible.  The car insurance price and driving record have a very close connection, so if you are concerned about the cost, this is something you will want to realize.

Car Insurance Prices and Driving Records

Speeding Counts
While you may think that speeding is something that your insurance will never know about, this is not true.  A speeding violation is a huge red flag to the insurance company that you may be risky as far as coverage, which means that the price will almost definitely increase for your insurance policy.  Keep your speed down and help to keep your prices down as well.  Going over the speed limit is not worth increasing your car insurance price for years. 

DUI Will Set You Back
If you get a DUI, then you are definitely looking at higher rates and may even experience cancellation by your insurance company.  High risk customers find that it is difficult to find insurance at a price level that they can afford and having a DUI will definitely put you with that group.  Being a high risk customer will have an effect that will mean you have to spend more money for your car insurance. 

Reckless Driving is a No, No
Reckless driving violations are another sign to the insurance company that you are a less than responsible driver.  If you get a violation for reckless driving, you are going to see an affect upon your insurance rates.  Be smart about your driving and help keep your insurance rates more budget-friendly. 

Potential Risk=Price Indicator
When you get quotes from the insurance company, they look at your driving record to measure your potential risk.  They are evaluating the likeliness of having to pay out on an accident or damage that you are involved in.  This risk level will dictate how much that you will have to pay for your insurance coverage, which can be a big difference between a clean driving record and a less than stellar one.

Violations Impact Rates For a Long Time
If you have violations on your driving record, they will make an impact upon your insurance rates for several years.  Getting quotes will show you how they are impacting your rates, especially if you are close to being several years out from the incident.  This means that you will have to pay those higher rates for two to three years or longer before you are moved back into the normal risk group.  This is a long time to pay for those traffic violations.  Your driving record and insurance prices are interconnected, so be careful and responsible when driving.

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