Benefits of a Car Warranty

Many of us have experienced having an automobile break down on us. It can be an expensive and annoying process that disrupts many other aspects of life and prevents us from getting to where we need to go. Luckily with the purchase of a car warranty, these costs may be covered and we can have normalcy restored to our lives in no time.  The benefits of warranties can include a wide array of coverage in the event of an incident where your vehicle is damaged or not functioning properly. These benefits may include free 24 hour roadside assistance, emergency tire service and even battery boost, to help get your automobile running immediately. Furthermore, there are many situations that may arise where big cost items may be covered, saving the owner both financially and from emotional heartache.

Learning about Car Warranties

Why Buy a Warranty? Purchasing a vehicle warranty protects your vehicle against unforeseen maintenance and unscheduled repair bills. Depending on the warranty terms, these costs would be covered under warranty before a certain amount of miles are driven or a certain amount of time has elapsed. Different warranties may also cover different systems on the vehicle. It is important to carefully review all of the terms of the warranty to ensure that if a problem does arise, you will know whether your vehicle is covered or not under the warranty.

What is covered by a Warranty? Warranties differ in coverage and it is important to review the coverage offered by the specific warranty you are choosing. Many companies may offer a power train warranty, in which the engine and transmission are covered for a certain period of time or a certain number of miles. Some companies may offer bumper to bumper warranties covering virtually all unforeseen maintenance costs. Before choosing the warranty option that is right for you it is vital to dig deep and figure out just what coverage you are looking for in a warranty.

Bonuses included in a warranty- Some warranties may include added bonuses as well as an incentive to purchase. Many companies may offer free 24 hour roadside assistance, free towing or battery charge ups. These can be very convenient in the event that your vehicle breaks down while out and about leaving you in a precarious predicament. To help safeguard against these types of instances, knowing the terms and bonuses of your warranty can help to provide peace of mind, knowing that you are covered when you need it the most.

Cost- The costs of warranties and extended warranties can vary dramatically. This is because different warranties offer differing levels of coverage. For many new vehicles purchased at the dealership, a warranty may come standard with purchase of your vehicle. Other extended warranties are available as well and may go a step further in providing the assurance that anything that may arise will be covered. These programs are often times offered by the dealerships as well as by third party companies who specialize in providing car warranties.

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