The Benefits of Getting a Pilot’s License

When I was 18 years old I made a commitment to getting my a Private Pilot’s License, and I believe this is one of the best choices I have ever made. Although I never aspired to fly airplanes as a career, flying as a hobby is something I thoroughly enjoy. There are many benefits to learning how to fly small airplanes beyond the obvious ones that come to mind. This article is designed to show the aspiring pilot some unexpected advantages to getting a private pilot certificate.

small private plane for pilot

Top Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

Pilots are Attractive to Women

Since the beginning of powered flight, pilots have been attractive to women. It’s a skill that allows access to adventure and vacation to exotic private locations. Women are attracted to men who are responsible and there are few better ways to demonstrate this than with a private pilot license.

Once a Pilot, Always a Pilot

Once you obtain your private you will always have your license. You will need to take a flight review every two years, but you will not need redo your training if you take a long hiatus from flying.

Join an Exclusive Community of Pilots

I met a bunch of interesting and friendly people during my flight training. In general, pilots are very interesting people who have many stories about travel and adventure they have experienced throughout their careers. My pilot buddies have taken me on all sorts of exciting trips ranging from fishing trips to Mexico, to exotic islands in the Caribbean.

A great addition to your Resume

A private pilot’s license can be a great talking point on your resume. Potential employers will view this as a unique accomplishment and view you as a responsible person. If you can fly an airplane, you must be at least somewhat intelligent and responsible in the eyes of the interviewer.

Improve your Multitasking Skills

Flying a plane requires a great deal of multitasking. In fact, many accidents are caused by pilots becoming distracted and overwhelmed which can lead to bad decisions in the air. Learning to juggle flying, radio operation, communication, and navigation will overflow into other aspects of your life. It has certainly helped be deal with complicated projects in my career of software engineering.

Access to Adventure

As a pilot, you can create exciting trips that are only limited to your imagination and budget. There are few things more enjoyable than flying into a remote location to do some fishing, hunting, or simply exploring. What would be a miserable 12 hour drive, is reduced to 5 hour trip in a single engine plane. Not to mention, half the fun is flying to the location.

The benefits of a pilot’s license are unique to each individual. These benefits are the ones that do not usually come to mind for the average person, but have had a significant impact on my life.

We hope you learned more about the benefits of becoming a private pilot.