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With energy costs rising globally and the demand for clean energy rising, there has been much discussion of late about offshore wind power and the clean energy generated by this method. For those unfamiliar with the topic, offshore wind power is created by farms of windmills that gather energy from the force of the wind. These farms are located at sea, where winds are unobstructed and many times at their strongest. This is still a fairly new form of energy production and also one of the greenest methods available in providing energy. This growing trend of energy production is due to continue with energy prices rising and environmentalist movements favoring these less harmful energy production methods. Because of the highly involved process in creating these offshore wind farms, it can take 5-7 years to build these projects and millions of dollars. For this reason, the emergence of offshore wind farms as a popular source of energy will take time. The list below shows the benefits of offshore wind farms.

Why are Offshore Wind Farms Emerging?

Safety- After the recent catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan which brought back memories of the disaster in Chernobyl in the 1980’s, it seems many people are simply not willing to risk the danger that a nuclear power plant presents. Offshore wind farms are a great and safe alternative to nuclear energy, though much more wind farms will need to be produced to make wind energy a main player of energy production.

Environmentally Clean- The nuclear power plants produce waste that can be harmful to life and we have already spoken to the disastrous effects that a meltdown could possess. Also, hydroelectric dams which have become a rather common source of energy can have a big effect on wildlife, not to mention these dams also make it difficult for farmers downstream to water their crops or fishermen who rely on the rivers for food and income to survive. Offshore wind farms possess none of these harmful encumbrances and are well known as a prime source of green energy.

Unlimited Supply- While the price of oil continues to rise; we realize that fossil fuels are a finite resource, while wind energy will exist forever. Setting up these offshore wind farms today will help to limit the dependence on oil and provide a brighter future for our children. This is one of the reasons why so many of these projects are already underway and many more are being planned currently.

Non reliance on foreign energy- Many countries and especially the United States are looking to reduce the reliance that their countries have on foreign energy. With the complicated politics around the world that have lead to rifts between western nations and the middle east, the US finds itself in a difficult position when having to rely heavily on oil shipped from this region. By employing the use of offshore wind farms as a top energy source, it is possible to limit the reliance on the Middle East for oil and in the process enjoy a cleaner way to produce energy.

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