Top 5 Reasons to Go Green

This article will provide the best reasons to go green for those considering taking up this responsible lifestyle choice. The green movement has gained remarkable momentum in recent years and it seems that the younger generation is changing how society views responsible environmental practices. From the increase production of hybrid vehicles, to the implementation of green energy production method such as offshore wind farms, many strides are being made toward furthering the green movement. For those on the fence and considering this lifestyle choice, here are the top reasons to consider going green and ensuring that the generations to come enjoy this beautiful earth responsibly.

Five Reasons to Go Green

Hope for the future-As generations came before us, generations will inhabit the planet after as well. Ensuring that we do our part to live a green lifestyle will help preserve the planet for future generations. Thinking of only the here and now and living a lifestyle of indulgence is irresponsible and leads to pollution, inordinate resource consumption and non sustainability. 

Preservation of the earth-Civilizations needs have already largely affected many different places throughout the world. Whether it be the species that have died of because of humans presence or the hydro electric dams and underwater oil drilling methods that have so harshly effected eco systems around the world. Living green can go a long way in preserving our planet for future generations and helping to be sure that we can all enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, clean water and nature’s beauty for years to come.

Responsibility- Being responsible for the lifestyle we live is essential to furthering civilization. By taking on and teaching the use of green methods, it is possible to move our society further and create a world where we are all responsible for our own actions. Seeing the mistakes that our generation has made and not learning from them will not help anyone. Working toward a better future by changing our own actions now is the only way to keep progressing.

Sustainability- We are becoming more aware that the demands for natural resources and the strains we are placing on our planet is not a sustainable long term plan. Encouraging the practice of sustainability can help reverse this process and teach future generations that utilizing sustainable methods is the only long term plan that can provide a promising future. The advancements in sustainable methods in recent years have been amazing and yet there is still a long way to go in incorporating these methods to fulfill the needs of humans.

Health-With the non green practices that are destructive of our planet, air and water quality will continue to diminish and maintaining health will be much more difficult. One only need look at the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, where the nuclear plant damaged by the Tsunami threatened the masses with radiation poisoning. These types of events can have catastrophic consequences and the practice of creating clean energy and living a green lifestyle can help ensure that these events are avoided in the future.

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