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Residential wind power is becoming an increasingly popular energy production method and it is easy to see why. This article will outline the top 10 benefits of residential wind power and put on display this new green energy production method that is poised to gain market share in the future. Wind energy is a hot topic these days with the recent nuclear meltdown situation caused by the Tsunami in Fukushima, Japan. The world wants cleaner energy and to avoid these horrific tragedies that claim lives and pollute the environment. Residential wind power generators may just be one of the best ways to accomplish this large undertaking. Below is a list of the top ten benefits of installing a home wind turbine on your property or business.

Top 10 benefits

1. Clean Energy- Wind energy is known for being clean and the process of creating energy is environmentally responsible. As opposed to more popular methods, residential wind energy relies only on the wind to provide for ones energy needs.

2. No pollution or hazardous waste- Unlike nuclear power and gas power, wind energy does not create waste or create an environmental hazard. It is also not a finite resource like natural gas, lending to a more sustainable method of energy production.

3. Low Overhead maintenance costs- The maintenance of residential wind energy is rather low once in place, making the option very attractive to those currently paying large power bills. As long as the turbine remains in good working order, your wind energy will be available.

4. Lower Energy costs- With energy prices rising sharply and the demand for energy rising, finding a method to curtail these costs can be huge. Creating your own energy with the use of residential wind power is a great way to save money for years to come.

5. Energy independence- Being self sufficient when it comes to energy can be hugely rewarding. Power companies control your energy usage and the costs you will be forced to pay. By breaking free of this grid, you will be able to enjoy your energy independence and not be bound to the huge energy bills that power companies routinely charge.

6. Reduction of Co2 emissions- Wind energy can be a great way of reducing your carbon footprint which is becoming hugely important. Making this responsible choice can help the environment and ensure a better future for future generations.

7. Sustainability- Wind energy is a sustainable practice for energy production and relies on an infinite resource, making it a preferred form of energy production. As long as the wind continues to blow, you will find no problem employing wind power for your energy needs.

8. 24 hour energy production- Wind energy works 24 hours a day, collecting energy for use. Other methods do not and also require much more maintenance and oversight than wind energy.

9. Reduction of dependence on foreign oil- Reducing the dependence on foreign oil is a huge step in lowering the costs of energy. The US in particular is hugely dependent on other nations for oil and this is something that has caused great conflict over the years.

10. Free Energy- Once in place, wind power provide free energy enabling you to quit paying power bills and enjoy energy independence! Imagine how much money could be saved by eliminating this daunting cost.

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We hope this article helped you learn about the top ten benefits of residential wind power.