Grants for Single Mothers in 2011 and 2012

Trying to raise a family on a single income is often a struggle financially. One the most effective ways to increase financial stability is to get a college education. With the popularity of online degree programs growing rapidly, many single parents are able to get back to school and finish their degrees. There are several grant programs that are suited for single mothers and low income families. Our goal is to help single moms pay for their education debt free. Some funding is need-based, while other funding is merit-based. It is important to be persistent and not to give up on your search for college education funding. The grant programs listed below are very beneficial and  can help you obtain a debt free education.

Denny’s Single Parent Scholarship

Denny’s offers a great scholarship that ranges from 500 - 5,000. Check out the website for more details on how to apply.

Federal Pell Grant

The 2011-12 Federal Pell grant offers up to 5,550 in grants per academic year. This averages out to approximately $700 per 3 credit course. This is the most common and attainable grant for single mothers because it is simply need based. There are no GPA or academic requirements for this grant.  You must complete the 2011/12 FAFSA application to determine your eligibility for this grant.


FSEOG Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. The 2011-12 FSEOG grants offers an additional 4,000 on top of the Pell grant. The funding is usually limited for this type of funding, so it is important to apply early, ideally before July 1st, 2011. FAFSA.

Scholarship Tips and Advice for Single Mothers

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