Top 5 Green Tea Brands

Green tea is becoming more and more popular throughout the world as modernization has made green tea available throughout the world. Because of this many tea connoisseurs have emerged and green tea is challenging coffee more and more each year as the preferred hot drink for many. There is a vast array of companies selling green tea and in this article I will cover the top 5 brands. This review of top green tea brands will help on your next visit to the store to purchase the best of the best in the green tea world! These brands are rated highly by green tea enthusiasts and are of the highest quality available.


This Company is simply one of the best in the industry providing quality green tea since 1690. With easy online ordering, e-commerce has taken this brand to the next level and tea connoisseurs agree that some of the best green tea is derived from this company. The website offers a great selection of tea and also accessories to make your tea drinking experience an authentic and peaceful undertaking.

Tazo Green tea

Perhaps the most popular and widely available green tea, Tazo green tea can be found virtually anywhere. There is no wonder why as the taste is perfected and is what has brought this particular brand to such prominence. The interactive website allows for an exploration into the world of various teas and serves as a tea drinker’s paradise ready for exploration.

Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons may not be as well known as Tazo tea, but tea drinkers are taking note of the quality found in Harney & Sons green tea. The brand is fast becoming a favorite of serious tea drinkers and is surely a diamond in the rough. Online ordering is available through the company’s website with fast shipping options available.

Maeda-en Tea

Offering some of the freshest and highest quality green tea in the world imported directly from Japan, Maeda-en Tea. This is a company that essentially “keeps it real” and tea lovers rejoice in this fact. Maeda-en embraces the Chado, or traditional tea ceremony methods and takes their tea very seriously. This is with good reason as one will be hard pressed to find a better green tea anywhere in the world.


Tzu The is a lesser known green tea, however the brand offers a great selection of both green tea and other products featuring green tea. A relatively new company that is specializing in bringing not only great green tea to the marketplace, but being inventive in creating new green tea products that enjoy the same health benefits offered by green tea. In the years to come Tzu-The may well become a much more prominent player in the industry and the quality features in its products will be on display for all to enjoy.

All of these brands offer great green tea, however it is often times up to the drinker’s specific tastes to determine which brand is most suitable. Trying out a few different brands to determine your particular taste can go a long way in picking the right green tea for you.

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