Top 5 Greek Yogurt Brands

Greek Yogurt is a tasty and healthy alternative to the more sugar filled options that many of us are used to in the yogurt market. Greek yogurt in particular is quickly becoming a more popular choice for those looking to enjoy a healthier diet while not compromising on taste. There are many brands now offering Greek yogurt as an option and in this article I will discuss the top Greek yogurt brands and why you may want to consider switching your yogurt choice on your next trip to the grocery store.

Top Yogurt Brands


Stands behind the motto that they would never create a product that they wouldn’t give to their own children. The Fage story began all the way back in 1926 in Athens, Greece where the owner Athanassios Filippou made a name for himself by selling the finest yogurt that kept the masses coming back for more. Nearly a century later, the tradition has been carried forward and Fage is now one of the top Greek Yogurt providers in the world. Their style of offering the highest quality product with ethical practices has made the brand hugely successful.


This New York based yogurt company provides delicious Greek yogurt that has become a favorite among yogurt lovers. A man by the name of Mustafa Drogan, an artisan yogurt maker heads up the yogurt production at Chiobani and the unique production process is what sets Chiobani apart and through unique straining methods and all natural production, the of the yogurt that is produced is outstanding.


Starting out on a farm in Wilton, New Hampshire, the two founders of Stonybrook Organic farms began their venture in 1983. From the early days of being hands on entrepreneurs and owners, the brand has gained an authentic feel, from having owners who truly care about the quality of the product they produce. The company has since branched out, offering ice cream, milk and soy yogurts. They stand behind the quality of the products they produce and the end user can tell that Oikos Greek yogurt is made with love.

The Greek Gods

Founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA, three friends set out on a journey to create a line of the highest quality of products true to their Greek heritage and of the highest possible quality. True to their word, they have created an extremely successful brand catering to those with a taste toward the Greek foods they love so much. Their healthy Greek yogurt is immensely popular and The Greek Gods are making a return to prominence.


May well be the most popular brand of yogurt available. This immensely popular brand offers both Greek and regular yogurt and is known for their hundreds of tasty varieties offered.  Yoplait has become the default choice for many who have built trust with this brand that delivers consistent quality in all of its product offerings. Yoplait will be sure to push to yogurt envelope creating tasty new products that we adore for years to come.

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