Top 5 Coconut Water Brands

Finding a great coconut water is becoming increasingly easy as this drink explodes in popularity. There are easily noticeable differences between the drinks listed below, so you should try them all to find that coconut water brand that fits your taste. We have organized the top 5 brands based on the products quality, cost, and its parent company’s commitment to sustainability.

O.N.E. Coconut Water

O.N.E. Coconut Water is a great tasting variety that offers a wide range of flavors. They are usually found in 11.2 oz tetrapaks. The coconut water is all natural (although not claimed to be organic) and does not contain any added ingredients. The water comes straight from the young green coconut, approximately 9 months of age. The company has donated a significant amount of its coconut water profits to preserving the Amazon rainforest.

Vita Coco

Vita Coco is a popular choice of coconut water among athletes and those who participate in rigorous exercise. In fact, it is commonly found in gyms and people happily pay more than 2 bucks a pop. This brand gets high marks in terms of quality and taste, but it s typically more expensive than other options.


Another popular choice among athletes, ZICO is a company that has high standards for the quality of its product. This brand was founded on the principle of showing people that coconut water is a superior alternative to sports drinks. The thing we love most about ZICO is their passion for the product and commitment to quality. In addition, you can purchase it in a durable plastic bottle as opposed to the fragile tetrapak.

Taste Nirvana

Produced in Thailand, Taste Nirvana brings a coconut water brand to the market that capitalizes on an art form that the Thai people mastered centuries ago. It is sold in an aluminum can and gets consistently high reviews from its customers. It is all natural with no added or processed ingredients.

Naked Juice

Finally, we have added Naked Juice coconut water to our list. There are few companies that have the commitment to producing natural products than that of Naked Juice. Although the taste of the natural brand does not top the list, the overall quality and price this coconut water makes it a great option. Try some of the flavored options, such as peach or mango.

We hope this list helped you choose a great coconut water brand.

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