Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

Many individuals not familiar with Greek yogurt might wonder when browsing at the grocery store what the difference between yogurt and Greek Yogurt is. This article will discuss yogurt vs Greek yogurt and outline the differences between the two. For some, the health benefits of Greek yogurt and it being more useful in cooking will provide the reason for changing to Greek yogurt. For others who have enjoyed regular yogurt for years, they may be unable to part ways with their love of regular yogurt. Whichever side you are on, it is important to know the differing features of each type of yogurt.

The Facts on Greek Yogurt vs. Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Though not as popular of a choice as traditional or regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is quickly gaining market share and it is clear that many prefer the thicker texture as well as the added healthy protein that comes with it. Top Brands like Dannon and Fage offer Greek yogurt to the masses and many shoppers are starting to try out Greek yogurt in place of the regular yogurt they once held in high regard. For cooking, Greek yogurt is also preferred as it curdles at a higher temperature and is also extremely effective in thickening sauces and soups, providing a rich and creamy dish that is also quite healthy.

Regular Yogurt

While Greek yogurt is gaining popularity; many yogurt lovers are unwilling to make the switch from their beloved regular yogurt. The sweetness offered in regular yogurt is much more appealing for some, who prefer regular yogurt as a way to satisfy their sweat tooth while remaining healthy. While not as efficient for cooking, regular yogurt can be added to a variety of different dishes and desserts to provide that sweet taste that dessert lovers crave. Regular yogurt is not as healthy as Greek yogurt as it contains more sugar and less protein. However this subtle difference may be negligible to many as both options remain relatively good choices for a healthy diet.

Choosing Your Favorite

For many it will all depend on individual preference. Many yogurt lovers actually prefer Greek yogurt for the thick, creamy and less sweet taste that it provides. Others prefer regular yogurt to cure the sweet tooth that may arise when on a healthy nutritional plan. If you are mainly focused on nutrition and not taste, Greek yogurt is the superior option. However, determining what tastes best to you and fits you individual nutritional needs will help you easily choose a favorite.

Top Yogurt Brands Offering both Styles

Dannon and Yoplait are the most popular brands that offer both Greek and regular yogurt. These are the preferred choices for most shoppers when looking to choose a popular brand they are familiar with.  Other brands exist that specialize particularly on one kind of yogurt such as Oikos, whose mission is solely to make the best Greek yogurt on the market. This brand is highly rates as possibly the best Greek yogurt available. Whatever your choice is, yogurt lovers will rejoice in knowing they get to enjoy this tasty treat while remaining healthy

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