Does Whey Protein Cause Acne?

how whey protein affects acne breakouts

Whey protein is a normal part of the diet of someone that is trying to get healthier by lifting weights and exercising.  Protein gives your muscles the energy to rebuild and repair after a tough workout and it gives you more energy to continue living your life.  One thing that whey protein may be responsible for is increased acne.  Weight lifters find that there seems to be a connection between whey protein and acne and there are several reasons for this.  By understanding more about the reasons for whey protein causing acne breakouts, you can determine if you can do anything to prevent it.

How Whey Protein Supplements cause Acne

Whey Is a Dairy Product
Whey is a product of milk and if you have always been sensitive to dairy products, it is no wonder that you are having acne breakouts while consuming your whey protein.  Many people mix it with milk, which can be even more of an impetus for a breakout.  Mixing it with water may help to decrease the acne breakouts, but it may be that the whey protein is the trigger to the acne.

Too Much May Be the Reason
Many people think that there are no effects from overdoing it on the protein drinks or shakes.  Others think that this can be why you are having breakouts, simply because the body is having a hard time breaking down the large amounts of protein that you are consuming.  Sticking with the recommended daily intake that is on the whey protein container will help you to stay at a safe level to help prevent acne attacks.

Whey Sensitivity
If you have a sensitivity or allergy to whey, then this could be the reason why you are having breakouts as well.  You may want to take a break from the whey protein to see if the acne clears up or decreases significantly, as this could help you determine if you have a sensitivity or allergy to whey or if it could be caused by something else.

Brands May Make a Difference
While if you have a whey allergy, it may not make a difference in your acne breakouts, if you are just sensitive to different additives or ingredients, changing the brand may help.  By trying several brands, you can determine if it can make a difference in your acne and help you to find a whey protein that you both like and that your body will like in fewer acne breakouts.

Check the Rest of Your Diet
There are many different things that may be causing your acne breakouts other than whey protein.  From multi-vitamins to milk to other foods and supplements, you need to consider everything that you are putting into your body to see if something else can be the acne trigger.  Does whey protein cause acne?  It may, but it may be a normal part of your life or it can be caused by other foods as well.  By doing some experimentation, you can determine if whey protein is the culprit or not. 

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