The Cholesterol Benefits of Oatmeal

This article will serve to outline the relationship between oatmeal and heart health. Oatmeal cholesterol benefits are well documented and for those looking to improve health in this area, oatmeal can be an essential food to add to one’s diet. A healthy diet after all starts from meal number one and oatmeal is a great way to get your healthy nutrition plan going on the right foot. Breakfast is the most overlooked meal in our society and yet many researchers agree that it may well be the most important. By simply incorporation oatmeal into one’s diet each morning, it is possible to make great strides in the battle to lower cholesterol.

Oatmeal Heath Benefits

How does oatmeal lower cholesterol levels?- Oatmeal has been proven to be a great source of dietary fiber and thus this fiber has proven to be vital in lowering blood cholesterol. Cholesterol can be a huge issue and lead to heart disease and a host of other health issues. Antioxidants found in oats can also be effective in helping to keep the blood cells from sticking to artery walls, in turn lowering cholesterol. By simply adding oats as a staple in your everyday diet it is possible to encourage low cholesterol and enjoy delicious whole grains.

Preventing Spikes in Blood Sugar - Eating oats can also help in preventing the sharp spikes in blood sugar and rather spreading a rise in blood sugar out over a longer period of time. This is important because unhealthy blood sugar levels can lead to the development of diabetes. Oats have a profound effect in providing soluble fiber and thus slowing down digestion, leading to a more sustained blood sugar level throughout the day.

Bowel Function -The fiber found in oats can be a great way to ensure proper and regular bowel function. This is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and colon and by implementing oats into ones diet it is possible to keep your bowel function operating optimally.

Athletic Performance- The complex carbohydrates found in oats favorably alter metabolism and enable one to enjoy enhanced athletic performance and energy levels. The prolonged energy provided is essential in pushing athletes to that next level.

Weight loss- The whole grains and complex carbohydrates offered in oats are a great addition to a weight loss diet plan. This is largely because oats provide that full feeling and also regulate blood sugar levels encouraging fat loss. They are also fiber dense allowing for optimal digestion and encouraging our digestive system to function at a high level. Energy levels also remain higher when consuming oats allowing for intense workouts, burning more calories.
All of these benefits can be achieve by simply adding oatmeal to your daily nutrition plan. In doing this you will be able to enjoy this delicious food knowing that you are also helping your body achieves optimal health.

The benefits of oatmeal are no longer being overlooked and this traditional breakfast food remains possible the best way to go about starting your day out right.

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