Can Avocados Make your Skin Look Younger?

Avocados make a great addition to almost any sandwich, hamburger, or salad. Although they are high in fat, they contain the heart healthy monounsaturated fats that are proven to provide a range of nutritional benefits. In addition to promoting hearth health and lowered blood pressure, avocados have also been shown to improve the quality of skin in humans. Through my personal experience I intend to show the skin benefits of avocados.

Why Avocados are Beneficial to the Epidermis (Skin)

Healthy Monounsaturated Fats – By far the most important feature of avocados, the high monounsaturated fat content is directly related to skin health. Extensive research has been done that shows how healthy fats can improve the quality of cell membranes, which can improve the protective functions on the outer layers of the dermis.

Rich in Potassium – Consuming enough potassium is essential for people who participate in rigorous exercise and/or eat a high sodium diet. Being deficient in this essential mineral can cause a wide range of health benefits, including cell damage to the skin. Luckily, avocados are rich in potassium which will help protect your skin.

Rich in B Vitamins – B Vitamins are essential to a number of processes within the human body, including the skin. Avocados provide a dose of B vitamins that will ensure you are not deficient. Having a B vitamin deficiency can cause a whole bunch of nasty side effects, mostly affecting the brain.

High in Fiber – A diet high in fiber keeps your digestive system running in top form. Healthy digestion has an indirect impact on the health of your skin. Unhealthy digestion can cause nutrients to pass through your body without being absorbed, which in turn will increase your chances of developing a skin condition.

My Personal Experience

Let me start by saying I am a 25 year old male who has suffered from dry skin for the last few years. I live in Phoenix, AZ where it is extremely hot and dry, which can exacerbate the symptoms caused by dry skin. I started by adding 1 avocado in my diet every day by simply adding them to a turkey sandwich at lunch. I found this to be extremely easy, because avocados really do complement a turkey sandwich. I also started making organic guacamole on a regular basis, which is an easy snack to eat any time of the day.

After a few weeks of eating avocados, I noticed some pronounced improvement in my skin. Most importantly, my skin was starting to produce more natural oil. A few weeks ago my entire face would be flaky after getting out of the shower, but now the flakiness was significantly reduced. I still had a few flaky spots on my face, but overall it was much more manageable. As an added benefit, I was surprised to find out that my blood pressure was lower on my next doctor visit. I am convinced this is mostly caused by eating avocados because I did not make any other lifestyle changes.

I hope my experience helped you learn more about the skin benefits of avocados.

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