The Benefits of Avocados on Digestion

There are not many fruits that offer significant nutrition benefits, but the avocado is a stand out exception. In addition to other health benefits, the avocados contain a high amount of dietary fiber. In case you don’t know, a diet high in fiber is essential to a healthy digestive system. This helps you body maintain regular bowel movements and allows microorganisms that help digest food work effectively.

Dietary Fiber is the Difference

Insoluble Fiber – 75% of the fiber content in avocados is insoluble, which adds mass to the material going through the digestive system. This added material absorbs liquid and helps “keep you regular”.

Soluble Fiber – 25% of the fiber content of avocados is soluble. This type of fiber assists the bacteria in the digestive tract. A sufficient level of soluble fiber in your diet will ensure that your body has the needed microorganisms to keep your intestines free of disease.

How to Use Avocados to Improve Digestion

Below is a list of easy ways to incorporate avocados into your diet.

Add it to a Sandwich – My favorite option is simply adding some avocado slices to a whole wheat turkey sandwich. This increases the healthy fats and fiber of your meal at the same time. When eating a lean meat like turkey it is important to seek out other sources of healthy fats.

Add it to a Salad – A few slices of avocado can make a great addition to practically any salad. Whether you are using ranch dressing or a balsamic vinaigrette, avocados will add to the flavor and texture of the salad. If it is not included on the menu, you can simply slice up your own avocado and add it to the dish on your own.

Blend it in a Smoothie – A high fiber smoothie can be an easy way to get your digestive system in top notch shape. Simply adding an avocado to a smoothie blend will hardly have any impact on the flavor. I make a great blueberry smoothie that calls for a full avocado, but you can hardly taste a hint of the avocado in the mix.

I hope my experience helped you learn more about the digestion benefits of avocados.

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