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Whey Protein Supplement Powder

Whey protein is a common protein supplement used for a variety of reasons, most commonly in sports nutrition. The two most common forms of whey protein supplements are concentrates and isolates, which come in powder form. Whey is produced from cow’s milk by separating the casein protein and fats from the whey. There have been many purported health benefits from consuming whey protein. Recent studies have shown that a regular consumption of whey protein can boost immunity, reduce heart disease risk, and even protect against cancer. The scientific research of these claims is ongoing, but the evidence so far is promising. Athletes from a wide range of sports tout the benefits of whey protein which are listed below.

Health and Nutrition

Highest Protein Biological Value – The absorption quality of protein sources is defined as the Biological Value (BV). The biological value of Whey protein is far above any other high protein sources, such as Eggs, Soy, Chicken, etc. For example, whey concentrate isolate ranks 104, while beef protein ranks 80 on the BV scale.

Boosts Immune System – The human body’s T-Cell count has been shown to increase with daily consumption of whey protein. A higher T-Cell or white blood cell count will help your body fight off disease and sickness.

Reduce Heart Disease Risk – The metabolism rate of humans is increased when supplementing with whey protein. This helps the body digest food more effectively and reduces the risk of weight gain. This can help you reach weight loss goals and prevent plaque buildup in arteries and stress on heart.

Cancer Protection – More and more studies have been released that show whey protein’s anti-cancer properties. Studies with animals have shown that it can significantly reduce the risk of colon and stomach cancer.

Muscle Building and Strength – Weightlifters and bodybuilders everywhere use whey protein supplements. In fact, it is the top selling dietary supplement in both dollar amount and weight among athletes. Consumption of whey pre and post workout has shown significant benefits with gains in muscle mass and strength.

Workout Recovery – Endurance athletes, such as marathon runners and swimmers use whey proteins to help with recovery after long grueling workouts. The high levels of amino acids are known to help with muscle recovery and increase the effectiveness of training.

Packed with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – Amino acids play an important in workout recovery and muscle growth. Whey protein contains a high amount of leucine, which is known for stimulating muscle growth after lifting weights. Amino acids are essential for protein synthesis in the body and athletes cannot typically get the amount needed through regular diet

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