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Traveling on an Airline

Everybody travels for different reasons, but leisure traveling can have some specific benefits to your health. Being able to see the things this world has to offer can sooth the soul and stimulate your mind. There is a great deal of history and culture in the world and being exposed to it can change your perspectives on life. Studys show that people who travel on a regular basis for leisure tend to be less stressed and are more likely to live longer. Travel is one of the few activities that is not only fun, but good for your overall well being. The lis below outlines the top benefits of travel.

Health Benefits

Stress Reduction
Excessive stress can be detrimental to your health. It is a medical fact that stress leads to plethora of health problems that will cause you to die early. A long vacation in a new area will keep your mind off of work and family issues and can provide a boost to your health.

Most long trips require a lot of walking. Even if you are visiting a big city you can expect to see much of the sites on foot. Walking is the only activity that is proven to extend your lifespan.

Mental Stimulation
Seeing a new museam of historic site can be a great learning expericene. Keeping your mind stimulated and learning is essential to later life happiness.

Quality of Life Benefits

New Memories
Build new memories that will be with you until the day you die. In my opinion, this is the most important benefit of travel.

Meet New Friends
Meeting people in exotic locations allows an instant connection to be made. Some of my best friends were met during my travels.

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