Benefits of Taking Naps

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Today’s fast paced society and ever growing work schedules can be difficult for those who struggle in getting enough sleep. This struggle can be harmful to your health, mood and relationships as not getting enough sleep can cause major issues. One way to combat these issues is by taking time out to get refreshing naps and let one’s mind rest. There are many napping benefits that can be realized by simply taking just a few hours each week to catch up on much needed sleep by taking regularly scheduled naps. When our schedules do not allow for a full nights rest, napping can be an important tool in regulating sleep habits. However there are methods one can employ to help make napping an effective way in resting one’s mind and body.

Napping Facts

Don’t I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? – Older research suggests that the prime amount of sleep time is 8 hours per day. However as you may well know, this is not always possible for everyone with the hectic lifestyles that many busy professionals or new mothers may be experiencing. Luckily, new research suggests that it is not an absolute necessity to get 8 solid hours of sleep and in fact, this may be overkill.

New Sleeping Research – The traditional 8 hours of sleep so often mentioned is based on the fact that it takes a certain amount of time to realize deep wave and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep during the night. This type of sleep is the important part and lasts only two to two and a half hours during the night. Researchers wondered what if a person could forgo the wasteful sleep from the other 5 and a half to 6 hours each evening and utilize this time to do more productive things.

Studies show napping can help- It has been shown that when the individual is exhausted, they can more easily fall into the productive deep wave and REM sleep more easily. This is the body’s natural reaction to sleep deprivation and it’s response to erratic sleeping patterns. A short 2 hour nap can actually do wonders for individuals suffering from a lack of quality sleep as often times when sleep deprived; subject fell into this quality sleep almost immediately. Setting aside this amount of time each day to catch up on rest can be vital in being sure that you are getting enough quality sleep.

Improving mental alertness – We’ve all experienced that groggy feeling that seems to arrive in the early afternoon. When in this state it may seem nearly impossible to function without the use of stimulants such as caffeine. This can be a tough habit to get used to and luckily there are other ways to feel more alert. Studies show that subjects who take time to nap each day show better mental alertness throughout the day and enjoy fewer groggy moments. Adding a period of time each day for napping can be a great way tom improve alertness, thus improving productivity.

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