Benefits of Spinach

Green Spinach Leaves

Spinach is a nutrient dense food that is full of health benefits.  Whether you like spinach or not, you may be led to add it to your diet, simply because of the many different benefits that it can offer to your body.  Keeping your diet full of these nutrient dense foods like spinach can really have a big impact upon how you look and feel.  By doing your research, you will find the nutrition benefits of spinach and see how it can add to your life.  From being good for the heart to the stomach to anti-inflammatory properties and more, spinach has great power to help you to be all around healthier and feel younger.  What are some of the spinach health benefits for you and your body?

Health Advantages of Eating Spinach

Low In Calories
Spinach is a very low calorie food and you can eat a lot of it and still not make a dent in your calorie count for the day.  This is one of the reasons why people include it in their diet, rather in raw, salad form or cooked form.  Either way, spinach can give you the dense food that you want to keep you full and satisfied.  The flexibility of spinach in how you eat it is what many people enjoy about this very healthy vegetable.

Full of Vitamins
Spinach is full of vitamins that can help to make the body healthier and work more efficiently.  Vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2, folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium are just a full of the natural vitamins that are found in spinach.  Selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, and niacin are also found in spinach.  The nutrients that are in this vegetable offer a wide range of health benefits for your body, from the brain to the bottom of your feet.

Power of Antioxidants
The flavonoids that are in spinach act as antioxidants, which can help to remove the toxins from the body and slow down the aging process.  Antioxidants have long been known for their ability to repair and refresh cells and tissues in the body and this can give you more energy and allow you to live your life to the fullest.  In addition, some of the antioxidants are known for having anti-cancer properties, which can prevent certain types of cancer or help to heal it or slow its progression.

Benefits For the Heart
The free radicals that are reduced by the ingredients found in spinach help to reduce your cholesterol and keep your heart healthier.  The magnesium that is naturally found helps to lower blood pressure in a more natural way, as well, which makes your entire cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Stomach Benefits
Being able to remove the free radicals and toxins from the body in a more natural way can ensure that you are able to keep your body in a healthier state. Keeping your colon happy and healthy will help all of the body systems to work more efficiently and allow you to feel better all around.

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