Benefits of Red Wine

Drinking a glass of red wine can have many more benefits other than relaxing you or celebrating the end of a long and hard day.  The nutrition benefits of red wine have long been understood and appreciated by the French, but it has only been within the last decade that others have realized that they don’t just love the wine, it can increase your health and allow you to live longer.   While it should not be consumed in excess, a glass or two of red wine each day can give you antioxidant power, as well as other health properties that will slow the progression of the aging process and allow you to live your life with more energy and satisfaction. One of the most common components of red wine is the antioxidant resveratrol.  

How Red Wine Improves Health

Increases “Good” Cholesterol
The antioxidants that are naturally found in red wine increase the level of “good” or HDL cholesterol in the body, which will help your heart to be healthier.  This protects the arteries against any damage, which can have far-reaching impacts into the future as far as your health.  Keeping your cholesterol in check, both on the good and bad side, can help you to live longer and to live a more full life.

Reduces the “Bad” Cholesterol
Resveratrol is the substance in red wine that can help to reduce the LDL or “bad” cholesterol in the body.  It also helps to prevent blood clotting as well, which can mean a lower risk of stroke and other heart events.  Keeping the cardiovascular system working efficiently can go a long way to helping you to live longer without many of the age-related heart issues.  Keeping the arteries free from the narrowing caused by cholesterol deposits can allow your cardio system to work in the way it was designed.

Hypertension Reduction
Reducing the blood pressure is something that often cannot even be done with the help of medications, but red wine can be your key to doing just that.  The natural antioxidants in red wine have been found to reduce blood pressure, when consumed in combination with a healthy meal.  If you have been battling high blood pressure with no relief, red wine consumption may be the solution that you have been looking for to lower your blood pressure.

Alzheimer’s Help
Studies have found that moderate red wine drinking can help to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.  The neuroprotective effects that resveratrol has upon the body helps to reduce that risk and allow you to live your life with better mental ability.  Alzheimer’s disease is not something that anyone wants to have to live with and red wine can decrease your chances of developing this disease.

Decreasing Kidney Stone Formation
Another health benefit of drinking a couple of glasses of red wine each day is that it can help to reduce the incidence of kidney stones.  If you have had issues with kidney stones, then you may want to consider adding red wine to your daily intake list, as it can help you to not have to go through that pain again.  Red wine health benefits are many.  Take advantage of them today.

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