Benefits of Prunes

Prunes are not a favorite for many people, but when you consider all of the different health benefits, you may gain a better appreciation for them and realize that they need to be added to your diet.  Prunes are highly nutritious and have great health benefits that can give you not only better health, but also a longer life.  The nutrition benefits of prunes are sure to make you think twice about adding these chewy snacks into your life. Who knew that dried plums could be so good for you. What are some health benefits of prunes that you should know about?

Why Prunes are Good for your Health

The phytonutrients that naturally occur in prunes give you great benefits that you may not notice, but your body will.  They neutralize a very damaging free radical that can cause great damage to the body.  This includes lowering your cholesterol and breaking it down to help keep the cardiovascular system working more efficiently.  The phytonutrients can help you to live longer and to decrease the speed at which your cells age.

The antioxidant power of beta-carotene can really help your body to reduce oxygen related damage.  This means that it can help to break down and remove free radicals from your body to slow down the death of cells and allow your skin to look younger longer and help your body to slow down the aging process.  It also helps to break down the cholesterol deposits to keep them from clotting and narrowing the veins and arteries.  This can be a great benefit that can have many different benefits now and in the future.

Potassium is a way for you to lower your blood pressure and prunes are a natural source of potassium that can help you to regain control over your blood pressure and decrease the damage to your heart.  Potassium has also been found to promote bone health to prevent bones from becoming thin and brittle, making them more susceptible to breakage.  Prunes have a natural source of potassium that can restore your potassium levels.

The fiber that is in prunes will not only help you with regularity in bowel function, but also help to normalize blood sugars and lower your cholesterol level.  All of these benefits combine to help you to be healthier and to live a longer life that will include fewer illnesses and conditions.  In addition, prunes also help intestinal health, in that they help to restore a balance to bacteria to allow the intestines to work more efficiently.  Fiber is one thing that most people are lacking and prunes are an excellent source of fiber that can keep your body working the way it was meant to. Dried plums have an equal amount of fiber as ripe plums.

Vitamin C
The vitamin C that is found in prunes boosts the immune system, as well as helping with iron absorption.  Giving the body the additional boost that it needs to absorb iron more fully can help you to feel better and have more energy.  Whether you are looking to increase your resistance to different illnesses or help to increase your iron level, the vitamin C in prunes can be the solution for you.

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