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Going back to school to get a college degree is a huge choice in life. Not only is it expensive, but it also takes a great deal of time and effort. Today, there are many universities that are fully dedicated to providing online degree programs for busy adults. The quality and cost of these programs can vary substantially and its crucial to do your research before enrolling. There are many “for-profit” universities that are notorious for providing misleading information to prospective students. These companies make massive profits by enrolling students who use federal financial aid to fund their education. The good news is that many well respected 4 year colleges now offer online programs, such as Arizona State or University of Connecticut for example. Getting a degree from one of these universities will help you with your career and ensure that you are getting the most value possible. The list below outlines the benefits of online education.

Online University Advantages

Time Management
The most obvious benefit of going to school online is the ability to manage your time effectively. Most online programs do not have required meeting times, which allows students to complete their coursework on their own schedule.

Accelerated Programs
Looking to get your degree ASAP? Online universities often classes on a weekly or monthly basis, so you don’t have to wait until next semester.

Cost Savings
The cost of online programs has been decreasing rapidly due to the competitive environment of online schools. Make sure you shop around.

No Random Fees
One of the most frustrating parts of attending classes on campus are those annoying fees like, health fees, ID fees, or meal fees.

Diploma is Identical to Campus Students
When I got my MBA at Arizona State University I attended their online program. My diploma is identical to the on campus MBA students.

No Driving or Parking
Attending a busy campus is a hassle when you need to park and fight traffic 4 times per week.

Learning Quality
Research has proven that online education students learn just as effectively as those students who learn on campus.

Tips and Advice

Research the School
Don’t believe everything your enrollment advisor or TV commercial tells you. Not all online schools were created equal.

Be Prepared for a Challenge
Going to college online is difficult. Make sure you have the required amount of time to dedicate to homework and reading each week.

Shop around
The cost varies significantly for online universities. In many cases it is less expensive to attend a school that is located in your home state.

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