Benefits of Oatmeal

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating oatmeal for breakfast on a regular basis has been proven to have a positive on your health for a variety of reasons. It comes in many forms, such as old fashioned oats, steel cut oats, or instant cut. The general public has embraced this breakfast food for its ability to lower blood cholesterol. People who are at risk of heart attack, stroke or suffer from obesity will benefit the most from consuming oatmeal. However, anyone with a desire to eat healthy can enjoy its high vitamin and nutrient content. Health professionals have recommended over many other breakfast cereals for the unique properties explained below. The list below outlines the most important health benefits of oatmeal.


Lowers Cholesterol
The most significant advantage of eating oatmeal is its ability  to lower blood cholesterol levels. This has been a widely known fact since the 1980’s. The FDA allows oatmeal produces to list these benefits directly on the package. This is a distinction that is not achieved by many other natural products.

High in Dietary Fiber
Soluble and insoluble fiber are found in high amounts in oatmeal. The high level of soluble fiber is responsible for cholesterol benefits. The high fiber content is also helpful for maintaining regular bowel movements and colon health.

Slow Digesting Carbs
Old fashioned oats take the body a long time to digest. This is especially useful for people looking to lose weight. A feeling of fullness will last for a long time when compared to simple carb or sugar packed breakfast, such as pancakes.

Low on Glycemic Index
Oatmeal ranks low on the glycemic index, which measures the level and blood sugar increases from food. Keeping blood sugar is essential for heart health and weight control. Its ranking on the glycemic index is considerably lower than other poplar whole grain cereals, such as Cheerios or Wheaties.

Packed with B Vitamins
A daily intake of B vitamins is essential to a healthy diet. Oatmeal contains an abundance of B Vitamins which can help with metabolism, immune, and nervous system function.
Great for Athletes. The popularity of oatmeal among athletes is no surprise. It provides a slow digesting dose of complex carbs and protein. This makes it an excellent choice for bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike.

Weight Loss Benefits
Oatmeal has been an important tool for those looking to lose weight. Keeping blood sugar low will make your body less likely to store calories as body fat.

Make it Taste Great
Oatmeal has can be used in variety of different recipes, Making it taste great is important when including it in your diet. Here are some ideas for including oatmeal in your diet. Try adding some sliced almonds and raisins to oatmeal cooked in water. The almonds will give it a milky taste and the raisins will make it sweet. This will provide some health fats and antioxidants to your meal. Enjoy!

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