Benefits of Learning How to Swim

Drowning has been reported to be one of the most common causes for accidental deaths worldwide. The benefits of learning how to swim are aplenty but the most important advantage is that it can end up saving your life.

Exercise Benefits

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is proved that even a half an hour light session of swimming burns around 200 calories. It not only helps in battling obesity but is also exceedingly soothing for people suffering from orthopedic conditions. Pregnant women are firmly advised to take up swimming as it strengthens the abdominal muscle.

Children should be encouraged to imbibe swimming lessons early in life as it increases their lung capacity

Apart from physical fitness swimming improves the overall mental health of the swimmer as well. Swimming is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. Water pressure has a soothing effect on the body and helps in calming the mind and improving physiological well-being. Strenuous swimming is an extremely demanding physical activity and like all other arduous workouts, releases endorphins (a mood elevating hormone), which adds to the feel good factor in a person.

It is a fun activity and a good way to socialize. People often come across other like minded people at swimming classes or clubs. Children especially those with any kind of disability meet other children who are like them and this is a great source of comfort to them.

Safety Benefits for Kids

Swimming helps to overcome hydrophobia. This is a huge safety benefit for kids and could potentially save their life if they were to fall into a pool. A lot of people have a fear of water, any kind of fear is not good for a person as it limits his lifestyle and hinders activities. Learning how to swim is the first step towards combating this fear. An experienced trainer would help you all along to fight hydrophobia. The basic idea is to get used to the water. Submerge yourself in the pool, although not completely. Practice breathing exercises and start with learning to swim in shallow water.

It helps to increase your will power. Swimming is an extremely exhausting activity. When swimmers challenge themselves to go for that extra lap or stay one more second under water even when their lungs are burning for oxygen, they not only strengthen their bodies or their respiratory system but also toughens themselves mentally and increases their will power by several notches.

Benefits for Asthma Patients

Asthma patients often find it difficult to engage in physical activities but swimming is one such activity that is less asthmogenic (causing an asthma attack) and these patients can not only participate in but also enjoy swimming. Proper swimming lessons and techniques for an asthma patient have helped in improving the breathing system of many such patients.

Learning how to swim opens up an entire new avenue of sport related activities. You want to go scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing or even water rafting, it is essential to know how to swim as these sports are not only fun but also risky. In fact at certain places they do not even let people try these sports unless they’re convinced that the intended person has received proper swimming lessons and can save his life if needs be.

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We hope this article helped you learn more about the benefits of learning how to swim