Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Driving an alternative fuel vehicle can be rewarding for a number of reasons. Today, hybrid vehicles are at the cutting edge of technology. They are efficient, eco-friendly, and fun to drive. Nearly every major car manufacturer has entered the hybrid market. So no matter where your loyalty lies, you can reap the benefits of driving a hybrid car. You can drive a hybrid SUV, a hybrid sports car, or just a plain old Toyota Prius. Whatever you choose, you can be happy knowing your gasoline costs will be minimal and you will be helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Below is a list of the top benefits of hybrid vehicles.

Benefits for the Driver

Save on Fuel Costs
The best part of driving a hybrid car is filling up your gas tank, which you won’t need to do very often. Most hybrids get 40 MPG or better combined city/highway mileage.

Insurance Discounts
Many car insurance companies have pledged discounts to hybrid car drivers. The rational for this is that hybrid drivers tend to be safer and more environmentally conscience. It’s pretty rare to see hybrid vehicles involved in accidents.

Cutting Edge Technology
When you buy a hybrid car you can be assured you are buying the latest and greatest technology. Companies like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and GM have spent millions of dollars in research and development for technology behind these cars.

Tax Breaks
Although the major federal tax credit for hybrids is gone, there are still many states that have incentive programs for buyers.

Drive in HOV Lane
Many states, such as California, allow hybrid vehicles to drive in the carpool lane no matter how many people are in the car. This is a great benefit during rush hour traffic. Driving in the diamond late in some cities can add hours to your life every month.

Quiet Driving
The electric motors are almost silent. This makes for a smooth, quiet ride.

Fun, Fast Acceleration
Electric motors are able to provide much more torque than gas powered engines. This allows hybrids to accelerate quickly out of the gate. Check out sport hybrids like the new Honda CR-Z.

Benefits for the Environment

Fewer Emissions
Hybrid cars burn less fuel, and thus create fewer carbon emissions. The carbon footprint of a Prius is one-fourth of a Ford Expedition! This is a great benefit your local ecosystem.

Fewer Production Materials
These cars are designed to be lightweight and efficient. In order to achieve this, car manufacturers use superior engineering to eliminate unnecessary parts from the cars.

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