Benefits of Going Green

Living a “green” lifestyle can have benefits on both on your personal life and the planet. As the world’s population increases, it becomes increasingly important to use our natural resources in the most efficient manner. Wasting fossil fuels and fresh water is not only bad for the planet, but it will prevent us from utilizing these resources in the future. Sustainable energy and green products can benefit your pocketbook, health, and your neighbors. The technology has reached a point where it is cost effective for the average consumer to incorporate in their homes and businesses.  Going green is beneficial financially and can improve your overall quality of life. Below is a list of the top benefits of going green.

Top Green Benefits

Cost Savings – Going green can save you money in a variety of ways. For example, buying a hybrid car will save you money in fuel costs and will get you about 10% in insurance discounts. Or installing solar panels in your home will save you thousands in home energy costs. As green products become cheaper and more easily available, it makes more sense than ever from a financial prospective to utilize green technologies.

Good for your Health – Using products that contain minimal processed chemicals are proven to be beneficial for your health. This applies to skin products, food, and basically anything else that comes in contact with your body. In addition, sustainable companies have smaller impact on pollution, which can contribute to more health air quality on a large scale.  

Environmental Impact – Using green technologies has a positive impact on the environment. Using renewable resources limits our dependence on imported fuels and has a minimal impact on pollution. The environmental benefits of going green are extremely important, but there are too many to list in this article.

Boosts Demand for Investment – Green technologies will only get better if the free market produces enough demand. The demand for hybrid vehicles has created a rapidly growing sector in the car industry. This principle applies to all green technologies. Demanding green products will ignite investment and produce new, cutting edge green products for consumers.

Creates Jobs – Green industries are one of the hottest sectors for engineering graduates and related technical fields. Keeping demand for green energy high will ensure that the United States is employing a well educated force of people domestically.

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