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Garlic doesn’t just keep away vampires, it can also help in some very serious health conditions.  Garlic has long been used for medical use going back to the earliest of times and it has seen resurgence in popularity due to the renewed interest in alternative or natural medicine.  The nutrition benefits of garlic help to give you a healthier body without having to go into the more chemical based medications.  Garlic has been known to help everything from a simple cold to helping to prevent the Plague, so it is certain that it can still give great health benefits today.  What are some of the garlic health benefits that you should know about?

Health Advantages of Garlic

Natural Antibiotic Properties
The natural antibiotic properties of garlic have long been known.  The broad spectrum ability of garlic has helped to boost the immune system of many a person to help to rid the body of bacteria and infection.  In addition, the bugs do not seem to develop a resistance to garlic, which is a great benefit that is not found in man-made antibiotics.

Antioxidant Abilities
Garlic has great antioxidant abilities as well.  This means that it can help to remove toxins and free radicals from the body, which cause illness and other health conditions.  Antioxidants are known for their ability to help to slow the progression of aging and garlic added to your diet can give you that natural antioxidant power that you have been looking for.  Cell replenishment is increased and tissue aging is decrease as well with the addition of garlic into your diet.

Cholesterol Reducer
Reducing cholesterol is something that most everyone is looking to do these days and eating raw garlic can be a way for you to lower your cholesterol levels to help your heart to be healthier.  This is thought to be largely due to the antioxidant properties that garlic has that helps to prevent the cholesterol build up in arteries.  While it may not be able to take the place of cholesterol medication, it can give you another option if you are having issues getting your cholesterol under control.

Boosts the Immune System
Keeping your immune system working efficiently and giving it additional power can go a long way to decreasing the amount of time that you are sick and the number of illnesses that you have.  Garlic can give your immune system that boost that it needs to give you greater health and decrease the risk of you getting sick.  It can also help you to fight disease and other conditions, which can go a long way when you are in the midst of a serious health problem.

Natural Mosquito Repellant
Garlic sprays help to create a natural barrier to keep mosquitoes from biting you.  While you will definitely smell the garlic, if you have issues with the chemical repellants, it can be a great compromise that will give you results.  The thought behind it is that the garlic smell overwhelms the mosquitoes since of smell and it avoids its prey, which is you. 

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