Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are great for snacking on, but many people do not realize that they have many other benefits, other than being a good snack to eat.  Carrots are not only popular with adults, either.  Children love to eat them ranch dressing or alone.  The nutrition benefits of carrots give you an added reason for making them part of your diet to not only help your hunger, but also aid in the body processes and helping your body to work more efficiently.  What carrot health benefits should you know about?

Top Health Benefits of Carrots

Vision Benefits
The beta carotene that is naturally occurring in carrots has great benefits for the eyes.  It especially helps in night vision.  The beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the liver that helps the retina to better focus and allows you to see when you are driving at night.  In addition, the incidence of macular degeneration and senile cataracts is decreased as well.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Heart disease is something that everyone wants to prevent and including carrots into your diet can help you to do just that.  Reducing cholesterol is one way that carrots can help to do that, as well as helping to rid the body of other toxins and free radicals that can cause the heart and cardiovascular system to not work as well as it should.  This decrease in the incidence of heart disease is largely due to the naturally occurring antioxidants that are in carrots.

May Prevent Cancer
Stomach, cervical, lung, bladder, and oral cancer may be prevented with the addition of carrots into your diet.  This is a big effect that should not be ignored.  Studies suggest that it is several different substances together that work to help prevent cancer of many different types.  Cancer prevention is something that everyone should be concerned about and understanding the link between carrots and cancer can be helpful to you. 

Regulates Blood Sugar
Adding carrots into your diet can help to regulate your blood sugar.  Combatting insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels can restore the balance of your blood sugar to allow you to feel better and to help prevent many of the issues that are associated with higher blood sugars.  This is a huge problem these days, but if people would eat healthier, such as adding carrots to their diet, they may see a health difference. 

Promotes Lung Health
Vitamin A rich foods, like carrots, help the lungs to combat the effects that come about from smoking.  Even if you are being exposed via second hand smoke, your lungs will be aided by the addition of carrots to your diet.  A decreased risk of emphysema and other breathing difficulties are two of the benefits associated with an increased vitamin A intake, which includes adding carrots to your diet.  Eating healthier, such as an increased intake of veggies and fruits, will give your body the nutrients that it needs to be able to work efficiently and to be able to fight against different conditions and diseases.

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