Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are a very popular fruit with the convenience and great taste.  From children to adults, bananas are good plain, with peanut butter, or cut up into ice cream.  This helps to make them a great snack idea for anyone, but there are also good health reasons why you should be eating bananas on a regular basis.  By understanding more about the nutritional benefits of bananas, you can appreciate this fruit more and realize how it can help you to stay healthy and strong far into your life.  What are some of the banana health benefits that you should be aware of?

How Bananas can Improve Health

Energy Fruit
Bananas are full of nutrients and this means that they can give you the energy to work out, work around the house, or work out of the home.  These easy to carry fruits can instantly give you a little pep to allow you to do the things that you need to do with more energy and purpose.  Feel tired in the middle of the day?  Take a banana to get over the mid-day slump and make it through your day with focus.

Helps You to Focus and Perform
Bananas are a superfood when it comes to helping you to focus and perform in sports and other things.  The potassium that is naturally found in bananas helps the circulatory system to work more efficiently, which means that more oxygen can get to the brain, promoting focus and concentration.  In addition the increased oxygen can help your body to move better as well, causing you to perform better and be stronger for a longer period of time.  If you play sports, a banana or two before playing can give you the energy to play the way that you want to.

Mood Booster
Most people do not even know that bananas contain tryptophan, which is the same nutrient that is found in turkey.  This nutrient helps you to have a better feeling of calmness and happiness.  This means that a banana eaten during the day will not only give you energy, but hopefully restore your feelings of peace and calmness to allow you to feel better all around.  Bananas boost the mood and help you to relax. 

Constipation Reliever
If you are not regular and are feeling the effects of being constipated, you may want to begin including bananas in your diet.  They offer a natural way of relieving constipation and helping your bowel function to get back to normal.  This can be done without causing diarrhea as well, which is a great benefit over chemical medications.

Pregnancy Help
If you are pregnant, then you will be happy to know that bananas can offer you great health benefits as well.  From relieving morning sickness to helping to keep your blood sugars in balance, bananas can give a pregnant woman not only a healthy snack, but also a healthier pregnancy.  They can also kick in some energy when you are lagging, which is a big impact when you are taking care of yourself and your unborn baby. 

Upset Stomach Relief
There is some evidence that eating bananas can help reduce the occurance of upset stomach by reducing acid in the stomach.

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