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Bamboo Plant Growing

Other than seaweed, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. Some species have the ability to grow over 100 feet in a single growing season, which is about 3 feet per day. This fast growing behavior provides many benefits to the environment. Environmentalists throughout the world have proposed bamboo farming as a way to offset carbon emission from the human population. A bamboo plant can create over 400% more biomass when compared to other trees that are used to create wood products, such as poplar, pine, or maples. Bamboo has the ability to make a wide range of products, anything from plywood to clothing. It is perhaps the most versatile plant in the world. Bamboo is already extremely important in Asian culture, but it is rapidly gaining popularity in North America. The list below explains the most important benefits of bamboo plants for the environment.


Fast Growing
As mentioned before, bamboo has the ability to grow at rates of more than 3 feet per day in the spring! This creates a huge amount of carbon dioxide absorbing material in a short amount of time. Bamboo groves can populate demolished forests and open spaces very quickly. The ability to yield high amounts of biomass is a trait is very valuable for reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable Farming
Organic cultivation of bamboo is the most effective method of growing the plant. Adding pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers adds absolutely no value to the production of bamboo. This gives farmers no motivation to use synthetic chemicals.

Limited Need for Resources
Bamboo plants have the ability grow rapidly on  very small amounts of water when compared to plants like cotton or corn. In addition, the plants do not need synthetic fertilizers to thrive. Organic compost, a recycled product, has been proven to be the most effective way cultivate bamboo plants.

What can Bamboo do for You?

Clothing and Fabric
Bamboo biomass can be turned into a pulp to make rayon fabric products. Bamboo is the best choice for rayon because of the environmental reasons listed about. Many people prefer bamboo fabric for its softness and durability.  It is also known as bamboo viscose.

Bamboo flooring has gained in popularity over the past 20 years. It is are superior alternative to many other hardwood floor options. It is cheaper, better looking, and good for our planet.
Plywood, Fencing, Poles. The canes produced by bamboo plants come in a wide range of sizes and colors. Asian cultures have used bamboo poles to create fencing for hundreds of years. Fencing made from bamboo poles has become increasingly popular.

And about 1,000 other things
Kitchen utensils, boxes, baskets, waterwheels, blinds, toys, and tons of other products are made from bamboo. It is no wonder why bamboo plants are considered one of the most useful in the world.

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