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We have always heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but how true is that?  Most people consider that an old wives tale, but it is in fact, somewhat true.  The nutrition benefits of apples help to underscore that saying and also help to increase the enjoyment in knowing that you are helping yourself to be healthier.  While nothing compares to the crunch and texture of an apple, knowing that there are apple health benefits as well can keep you eating apples on a regular basis for the rest of your life.  What are some of the health benefits of apples that you should know about?

Health Advantages of Eating Apples

Prevents Colon Cancer
The roughage from apples and apple skin can help to keep you free of colon cancer.  Many people link this to the simple fact that it helps to keep your colon free of toxins, because the skins make the colon to have to work a little harder, but this can be due to the nutrients that are in apples as well.  Pectin is the one nutrient that is singled out as helping the digestive tract and being a key help in preventing colon cancer.

Weight Loss Help
Studies have found that women eating three apples a day lost more weight than the women who did not.  This can be due to many reasons, but most likely due to the fact that when you eat apples, you fill yourself up and this can lead you to eating less.  For whatever reason, eating fruits like apples makes a great snack option if you are trying to eat healthier.

Cholesterol Reducer
If your LDL or “bad” cholesterol is high, you may want to consider eating just two apples a day.  This has been found to lower cholesterol numbers, which means that you are at a lower risk of heart events.  The apple pectin has been found to decrease cholesterol by as much as 16%, so it is sure to be something you may want to consider to help your cholesterol levels to move down into a more normal range.

Helping Asthma
Children who eat apples on a regular basis or drink apple juice seem to have lower rates of asthma and fewer asthma attacks than children who do not.  In fact, it can be seen even in utero.  Moms who eat a lot of apples during pregnancy have lower rates of asthma in their children as well.  This is something to carefully research and consider, since the incidences of asthma in children continue to rise each year.

Prevent Certain Cancers
In addition to colon cancer, apple intake has been seen to have an impact upon preventing other types of cancer as well, including lung, breast, and liver cancer.  Lung cancer is thought to be decreased by 50% in people who eat a lot of apples, while breast cancer studies see a reduced risk based on the number of apples that are ate each day.  Liver cancer is still being studied, but some studies are finding large decreases in risk, simply from eating the apple skins. 

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